We offer a full range of childhood and adult immunisations, protecting against many fatal or damaging diseases.


All children and young adults are being vaccinated against Meningitis. Let us know if you have not been called.


Adults who have not had a Tetanus booster in the last 10 years should book in for one. If you are not sure, ask !

Flu Vaccinations

The population entitled to have a flu vaccination has been increased to any one over 65, plus anyone with lung disease (including asthma), heart or kidney disease or diabetes. These will be available every year from October.


Immunisation every 5-10 years for any one with lung disease, diabetes or following splenectomy.

Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B

Vaccinations are available to at risk groups, i.e. some occupations, or drug users. For other groups it may be advisable to be vaccinated, but you may not be entitled to NHS prescription. Please ensure that you complete your course of immunisations in order to get full, long-term benefit.