Know your words, know your actions

The NHS is working hard to give people the care and treatment that they need. We know it is frustrating when people are worried for their health and they want help now. However, staff in settings throughout the NHS say they are facing a wave of anger and abuse when they go to work.

There is evidence of increased abuse happening in hospitals, clinics, in community settings and in GP practices like ours. And it is often the people that patients first come into contact with in primary care settings that bear the brunt of this.

This can include foul language, shouting, intimidation and threats. Increasingly it also involves targeting on social media.

Patients and staff across the NHS are standing together to ask people to be respectful to workers who are doing their best to help all our patients.

Abuse, bullying and harassment is never justified.

Care about us, caring for you. Our staff are human too.

Support your NHS staff and stand with us against abuse.

Find out more about the abuse faced by local GP practice staff here: